A private illegal mining farm in Kyrgyzstan uncovered

The Kyrgyz National Security Commission has discovered a vast illegal mining field buried in private home space. The property was raided and 118 BTC mining rigs were seized.
A private illegal mining farm in Kyrgyzstan uncovered

According to the authorities, the large-scale BTC mining activity has caused “severe harm” to Kyrgyzstan’s electrical grid, according to local media.

The construction of sound insulation and ventilation facilities revealed that the BTC mining farm was operating beneath the radar.

Kyrgyzstan’s mining rules have been tightened

After the price of cryptocurrencies began to skyrocket globally in 2017, Kyrgyzstan’s crypto mining businesses experienced a rapid rise.

Instead of Kyrgyzstan’s inexpensive electricity, the country saw a surge in mining activities. However, as a result of the country’s electrical shortages, the Kyrgyzstan State Power Holdings Corporation declared in 2019 that it would no longer issue registrations for Bitcoin mining enterprises.

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Nonetheless, mining fields powered by private hydropower systems were allowed to continue operating, indicating that the restriction did not extend to them.

Regardless of the authorities’ leniency in allowing miners to operate on renewable energy sources, illegal mining farms have increased in Kyrgyzstan.

Malaysian has also destroyed some Bitcoin mining rigs

Due to the high energy consumption of Bitcoin mining devices, there has been an increase in the number of crackdowns around the world. Malaysian police recently announced the public destruction of over 1000 bitcoin mining machines that they had confiscated.

The BTC mining rigs were set up in the parking lot of the police headquarters and were driven over by steamrollers. The entire incident was filmed and uploaded as part of a collaborative operation between Miri police and Sarawak Energy, the state’s electric utility.

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Countries have taken positions in favour of and against Bitcoin mining. While other Asian countries have banded together to combat cryptocurrency, Kazakhstan has welcomed a big number of crypto miners fleeing China’s crypto crackdown.

In a year, the country’s mining share has increased sixfold, from 1.4 percent in September 2019 to 8.2 percent in April.

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