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The Creator of PlayStation Isn't a Fan of The Metaverse

The Creator of PlayStation Isn’t a Fan of The Metaverse

Ken Kutaragi, the creator of the iconic video game device PlayStation, believes the Metaverse is worthless.  Ken Kutaragi  is not a fan of virtual reality headgear, which he describes as "just irritating." ‘Being in The Real World Is Very Important’ - Ken Kutaragi The Metaverse has quickly become one of the most popular topics, especially since Facebook's name was changed to Meta at the end of last year. Despite growing fashionable, the network of 3D virtual worlds centred on social interaction is not for everyone. Ken Kutaragi, the founder of PlayStation and former CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, is one such person. The 71-year old Japanese argued in a recent interview with Bloomberg that the Metaverse ...

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